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Welcome to Ultrafast Laser Virtual Lab




In a typical chemistry classroom, traditional lab activities are often taught as "cookbook" labs, which does not pay much attention to real world applications. However, understanding chemistry requires a knowledge of the structure of atoms and molecules as well as how they interact in terms of chemical reactions. Observing such details require femtosecond lasers (Zewail A. "Birth of molecules", Scientific Americans,1997). Technological intricacies and expenses involved with femtosecond lasers makes it difficult to be available in typical chemistry classrooms: so, is the need of the virtual laboratory.


What is Virtual Laboratory?

The Virtual Laboratory is an interactive environment for creating and conducting simulated experiments: a playground for experimentation. It consists of simulated laser chacteristics: their interaction with medium in experimental units called the "modules" that encompass data files, interactive tools etc. This present release is focused on the basics of lasers, instrumentation (continuous versus pulse lasers) and linear and nonlinear interactions.ory.

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